Bücherecke: The Role of Regions? Network, Scale, Territory.

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The Role of Regions? Network, Scale, Territory.

Editors: Tassilo Herrschel and Pontus Tallberg
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Erscheinungsjahr: 2011
Verlag: Eigenverlag der Herausgeber (Gothenburg, Region Skane, Sweden)


Regions and regionalisation have become buzzwords in current debates on the most effective spatial level of governance in the face of the challenges of globalisation and the push for greater competitiveness. In a European context (i.e. within the European Union), regions have been the main spatial platform from where to launch and apply policies of fostering cohesion and convergence. Yet, the meaning of 'region' is far from clear both in terms of scale and governmental-administrative standing and powers.

This book brings together discussions on this wide range of manifestations of regions and regionalisation proceses, and their theoretical and practial implications. Drawing on examples from northern and north-western Europe and, for comparison with different political-administrative traditions, North America.

(Quelle: Eigenverlag der Herausgeber (Gothenburg, Region Skane, Sweden))

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The Role of Regions? Network, Scale, Territory.

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