21BB – Model Region Berlin-Brandenburg

A reference atlas for developing a sustainable metropolitan region in Central Europe

Barbara Hoidn, Wilfried Wang

176 pages, 341 color and 17 b/w illustrations, graphics, and plans

42 x 29.5 cm, Hardback, Englisch

Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
ISBN: 978-3-03860-200-2
Verlag: Park Books

How should a diverse metropolitan region such as Berlin-Brandenburg reinvent itself, while preserving its character, nurturing its attributes and simultaneously preparing for climate change? This book offers an analysis of these important strategic questions, along with constructive solutions. As the first survey of the entire Berlin-Brandenburg region, it presents essays, maps and projects in a large-format atlas. Its findings are based on extensive research into complex subjects such as the circular economy, social equity, energy and water management, environment, population density, inclusion and urban culture.

Given the urgent need for a public debate about the future of Berlin-Brandenburg, this book presents a solid factual basis and offers new approaches, projects and ideas. Wide-ranging contributions are supplemented by the pioneering visions of Hobrecht & Virchow, the Gross-Berlin competition of 1910, and Martin Wagner’s idea of a metropolis.

(Quelle: Park Books )